Agri Clinics & Agri Business Centres

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Agri Clinics & Agri Business Centres


Agricultural graduates/graduates in subjects allied to agriculture like Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Forestry, Dairy, Veterinary, Poultry, Pisciculture, & other allied agri. activities.



  1. To supplement the efforts of Government extension systems.
  2. To make available supplementary source of agri inputs, supply services to the needy farmers
  3. To provide gainful employment to agri graduates.
  4. To provide expert advice and services to farmers on cropping pattern, practices, technology discrimination, crop protection post harvest care etc.
  5. To provide input supply, farm equipment on hire and other services.

To enhance viability of the venture, agri. graduates may also take up agri. and allied activities along with agri. clinics/agri. business centers.

a) For individuals `10.00 lacs:
b) For Project of group:  ` 50.00 lacs.  Group may consists of 5 normally, out of which one may be Management Graduate qualification and experience in business development and management.


 Margin Nil 20% to 25% depending upon the purpose and quantum  and subject to NABARD requirements where refinance is contemplated
 Security Primary:  Hypothecation of assets created. 
Collateral: NIL 
(As applicable to Tiny Industries)  
     Primary: Hypothecation of assets created. 
Collateral: Mortgage of land or Third party guarantee with the permission of Contro

FACILITY: Agr. Term Loan

DOCUMENTATION: As applicable to ATL

REPAYMENT: 5 to 10 years depending on the activity including a grace period of maximum 2 years. The repayment schedule should be drawn on the total amount of loan (including subsidy) in such a way that the subsidy amount is adjusted after liquidation of net bank loan (excluding subsidy).


SOFT LOAN ASSISTANCE: 50% of margin to be contributed by the applicant is provided by NABARD as Soft Loan without any interest. However, branches can charge 2% of this amount as service charge per annum from the borrowers.

General Awareness & Training Programme:

  1. General Awareness, publicity and training programmes for eligible candidates and hand holding support would be undertaken by MANAGE Nodal Training Institutions as per the scheme.
  2. MANAGE will be responsible for providing training to eligible candidates through its Nodal Institutes and motivating them for setting up of Agri. Clinics and Agri. Business Centers.
  3. MANAGE will ensure sponsoring of sufficient number of cases to the banks for financing under the scheme and arrange to establish required number of units at ground level to make the scheme success.

The Scheme has been extended for the financial year 2008-09 also.

The advances are to be classified now under Direct Agri. Advances.

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