Agricultural Term Loan Scheme

SBH works hard to ensure that farmers get their due profit. We have schemes that strengthen the marketing infrastructure of agricultural produces and various irrigation and rearing schemes.
Agricultural Term Loan Scheme
Margin : No margin up to `10, 000
15% to 25% above `10, 000
Eligibility : All individuals, groups of individuals, and corporate entrepreneurs who have experience in the line of activity
Security : Term loan Where movable assets are created: Up to `25000: Hypothecation of assets
Over `25000: Hypothecation of assets and mortgage or declaratory charge over farm lands or 3rd party guarantee. Where movable assets are not created: Up to `10000: DP Note, DP Note delivery letter
Over `10000: Mortgage of farmlands or 3rd party guarantee
Disbursement : In Instalments according to the progress of work and amount payable direct to suppliers wherever moveable assets are financed
Repayment : Minimum of 3 years with a maximum repayment period of 15 years including the gestation period depending on the type of schemes and in line with NABARD norms
Insurance : Waived up to `10, 000
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