Boost your agricultural produce, and leave the finance to us. SBH has many finance packages for farmers, so they can yield better produce without any worry.

Production Credit Loans

Boost your agricultural produce, and leave the finance to us. SBH has many finance packages...
Kisan Credit Card (KCC) aims at adequate and timely support to the farmers for their short term...
The scheme shall cover general credit needs of our constituents in Rural and Semi urban branches. No Plastic/Electronic card
To those farmers who have availed crop loans from the bank for raising the concerned crop in that season.
To finance farmers/processors/traders/owners of goods against warehouse receipts of warehouses managed by NBHCL by way of demand loans.
Upto Rs.10.00 lacs under the Produce Marketing Loan Scheme for agriculture produce to the extent of 75% of the value
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Investment Credit Loans

To promote young entrepreneurs in rural areas to take up the activity of custom hiring. To assist Small and Marginal Farmers
To supplement the efforts of Government extension systems. To make available supplementary source of agri inputs, supply services to the needy
Open a Savings Bank account with an SBH branch in the service area and should have successfully performed savings and
To provide additional agricultural marketing infrastructure to cope up with the large expected marketable surpluses of agricultural and...
Stallfed goat rearing, the scheme which was under negative list, has since been revived on finding that it is as
Conserving available irrigation water and increase in the existing benefiting area with high irrigation efficiency. Boosting crop production. Improving the
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