eZ-trade@sbh (e-Broking)

Enjoy online trading or raise money through debentures, SBH has number of facilities in store for big and small merchants. Check them out, and give your business a boost.
eZ-trade@sbh (e-Broking)


Our Bank is offering the seamless online trading experience, "e-Ztrade@sbh (3-in-1 account)" to our customers from 2008 under franchisee arrangement with SBI Cap Securities Limited (SSL), a Group Company. It includes our Bank account and Demat account and trading account (with SSL).


A customer should have a Savings Bank/ Current account/ OD account with Internet Banking.

Documents Required

  1. Should have valid PAN
  2. Residential proof/ Address proof (latest i.e., less than 2 months old)
  3. Cancelled cheque of the above account and
  4. Latest passport size photograph.


  1. Online trading is an internet based investment activity that involves no direct involvement of the broker and increases the transparency.
  2. The trading account would be linked to Demat and Bank accounts, ensuring a smooth and seamless transaction process.
  3. Convenient, Paperless and Easiest option to invest in Stock Markets.
  4. Trading on BSE, NSE, F&O NSE (NSE Derivative segment) and Mutual Fund.
  5. At the time of placement of order, the amount will be blocked from client account.
  6. Funds will be transferred only on execution of trade.
  7. Market tips are made available by SSL.


Special offer: The following category of customers can open e-Broking account at free of cost during the campaign.
Type of Account / Customers Segment SSL Demat (DP) + SSL Trading
1 SSS account holders under Gold Category Free AOC + Free DP AMC 1st year
2 SSS customers under Silver category Free AOC + DP AMC will be charged
3 Loans Against Shares customers
4 Active SBH Bank DP + Holding customers Free AOC + Free DP AMC 1st year
5 SBH customers with contract note of any other Broker
6 SBI Platinum Credit Card holder
7 Employees of SBH* Free AOC + Free DP AMC 1st & 2nd year
8 Retired Staff* Free AOC + Free DP AMC 1st year
* Not applicable for Spouse of the employee/ Retired employee
AOC - Account Opening Charges; AMC - Annual Maintenance Charges

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