Remittances & SBI GLS

NRIs, eager to remit their earnings to their family in India, can use this facility. The whole process is done online, making it much safer.
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Remittances & SBI GLS
Remittance To India

State Bank of Hyderabad brings Remittance facility to NRIs/Persons of Indian Origin at low charges and Fine Exchange Rates all over the world with special electronic money transfer products.

Remittances are handled on user friendly Electronic Platform with Multiple User Friendly features including Online Tracking and SMS advices.

You need to register before availing this facility. Please follow the following simple steps for registration

Step 1: Click on the for registration.

Step 2: Fill out details in the registration form, choosing an ID and password for yourself.

Step 3: Click on the ‘submit’ button.

Step 4: Note the registration number generated by the system for future log-ins to your web page.

Step 5: Check the e-mail address provided to us during registration periodically, for messages from GLS.

Step 6: Within 4-5 business days after registration, you will receive an e-mail from GLS directing you to check your bank account for the sub-dollar test debits and credits generated by GLS and posted therein using ACH.

Step 7: Verify the entries in your bank account, then log in to your web page using your ID and password and input the sub-dollar debit and credit amounts you found in your bank account.

Step 8: If the amounts inputted by you match with those generated by the GLS system, your registration will get approved, and the GLS system will accept remittance instructions from you.

Remittance from USA
  1. SBI Express Remit US
    1. A user friendly web based and online product to send remittances from USA to India by Non Resident Indians etc.
    2. Remit from the comfort of your home using Internet. One-time online Registration.
    3. On receipt of online request from Remitter, his/her account with any Bank in USA is debited by us through US Automated Clearing House (ACH) mechanism.
    4. Online tracking of remittance request through every stage of the transaction. Also SMS to beneficiary mobile number in India.
    5. Beneficiary account credited 3 business days after debit to US Account of Remitter. Direct credit to all SBH branches. Minimum $50 USD and Maximum $10000 USD remittance permitted. Nominal/Nil charges and Fine Exchange Rates.
    6. Helpline available both at SBH & SBI for any assistance.
  2. SBI Rapid Remit
    1. It offers Credit to the beneficiary account in one business day of receipt of funds in the account of SBI in USA.
    2. It is a semi online product, which involves two steps i.e. online initiation of transaction on SBI Site followed by personal visit to your Bank branch in USA to remit money to the designated SBI account with Bank of America in USA.
    3. Beneficiary account can be with any SBH branch.
    4. Online tracking from remittance request to the credit to the beneficiary account and also SMS to beneficiary mobile number.
    5. Minimum $2001 USD and Maximum $100000 USD permitted in a single Remittance. Nominal/Nil charge and Fine Exchange Rate.
Remittance from UK
  1. A user friendly, web based, convenient, expeditious and cost-effective product to send remittances from UK to India by Non-resident Indians etc.
  2. An online money transfer facility for remitters in UK who have an Internet Banking Accounting facility with their bank account in UK.
  3. One time registration.
  4. On registration, you will be able to post your remittance instructions on the website itself, pursuant to which funds will have to be transferred by you online from your UK Bank account to our Account at SBI London.
  5. It will take 3 working days to credit an SBH account due to Clog. House mechanism in UK.
  6. Minimum amount of GBP 50 and maximum GBP 10000.
  7. Nominal/Nil charge and Fine Exchange rate.
Remittance of Middle-East countries
  1. Rupee remittance on electronic platform through Exchange Companies/Banks from Middle East countries to India in quick and cost effective manner.
  2. Online credits through Direct Credit to all SBH branches within 1 day.
  3. SMS to beneficiary/remitter mobile number as confirmation of credit to the beneficiary account.
  4. Remitter needs to walk into the Bank/Exchange Companies to give remittance instruction or use their ATM/Phone Banking/On line Banking Facility (if available at that Bank/Exchange Companies).
This product is available at the following Exchange Companies/Banks in the Middle East.
  1. UAE
    1. UAE Central Exchange Co.
    2. Emirates India International Exchange Co. LLC
    3. Al-Rostamani Exchange Co.
    4. Al Ansari Exchange Co.
    5. Wall Street Exchange Centre LLC
    6. City Exchange Co. LLC
  2. Kuwait
    1. Kuwait India International Exchange Co. LLC
    2. Almulla International Exchange Co. LLC
    3. Almuzaini Exchange Co.
  3. Bahrain
    1. Bahrain India International Exchange Co.
    2. Bahrain Exchange Co.
    3. Bahrain Finance Co.
  4. Oman
    1. Mustafa Sultan Exchange Co. LLC
    2. Oman & UAE Exchange Co.
  5. Qatar
    1. Trust Exchange Co.
    2. Doha Bank

This facility is being extended to you in collaboration with State Bank Of India

Only one time registration is required to avail these products. For more information and registration, log on to

Speed Remittances (TT)- Middle East
Country Name of Exchange Co Address Mode of Remittance
Ahmed Abdullah Al Moosa Building
Near Al Raffa Police Station,
Behind Astoria Hotel, 
P.O. Box 29395, Bur Dubai,
Tel:+971- 43933874
Fax:+971- 43933873
Speed Money
UAE Exchange Centre
Corporate Office: Sh Hamdan
Street PO Box 170, Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971-261055555
Fax: +971-26212068
Speed Money
Emirates India
International Exchange
PO Box 7190, Deira, Dubai
Tel: +971-42232261
Fax: +971-42221318
Speed Money
Belhasa Global Exchange PO Box 232081,Dubai
Tel: +971-42615446
Fax: +971-42615447
Speed Money
  G C C Exchange PO Box 41704, Al Sabhaka, Diera, Dubai
Tel: +971-42243655
Speed Money
OMAN Oman & UAE Exchange Centre
& Co.LLC
Corporate Office:O C Centre
First Floor, P B No 1116,
Al Hamriyan P C,131
Tel: +968- 24796533
Fax: +968 -24750908
Speed Money
KSA Al Rajhi Banking &
Investment Corporation
CR No 96, Head Office
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966-14601518
Fax: +966-14601519
Speed Money
KUWAIT Kuwait India International
Exchange Co. WLL
PO Box 25965,Safat 13120,
Tel: +965 -2422733/2422699
Fax: +965- 2405815
Speed Money
  UAE Exchange centre WLL PO Box 26155,Safat,13122,Space Tower Shuhada Street, Murghab, Safat, Kuwait
Tel: +965-224186868/22419969
Fax: +965-22416626
Speed Money
BAHRAIN  UAE Exchange Centre
Co.Bahrain WLL
Head Office P.O.Box:1825, Manama
Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: +973- 17228224
E-Mail: Manama.branch
Speed Money
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