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Register yourself at the branch where you hold an account. You will be provided with a customer identification number and an initial password.
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Internet Banking

Internet Banking facility to NRIs:

Under this facility, an NRI Customer, not applied for Internet Banking earlier or don’t have Internet Banking can self-register for INB facility through online banking with hassle free process. The self-registration facility has been made available on the pre-login page of Bank’s INB platform ( The Customer has to fill in few details and thereafter, with the help of One Time Password (OTP) approval, the System will generate Temporary Username and prompts to create Temporary Password. Then, a System generated registration form is to be submitted to the branch concerned for approval

Process flow for User Driven Registration for Internet Banking (URIB)

Steps to be followed by the NRI USER:

  • Logon to
  • click on Login button of Personal Banking.
  • A new page will be opened. Click “Continue to Login’ button.
  • Click on “New User? Click here” button on this page, as shown below:

  • New page (as shown below) will open to apply online.
  • Enter the following requested information:
    • Account Number (available in customer’s passbook and/or statement of account).
    • CIF Number (available in customer’s passbook and/or statement of account).
    • Branch Code where the account holder is maintaining the account. (Five digit

Branch Code)

  • Select name of the Country, wherever registered mobile number (registered with

the Bank) belongs to.

  • Registered Mobile Number (registered with the Bank).
  • Facility required (Select type of Rights required)
  • CAPTCHA (Enter the text as shown in the image)

  • On submission, system will checked whether the CIF is already registered for INB and will proceed as per any of the following scenario:
    • If Not registered:

System will verify whether the data input by the user is correct.

If it is correct, then an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the registered mobile number of the user. The user will input the OTP in the box provided on the screen and if the OTP matches, system will display a System Generated Temporary Username (SGTU) along with an input box to the user prompting him/her to create a Temporary Password (TP) of his/her choice as per specifications given on the screen. A registration form is also generated at this point of time, a printout of which must be taken for sending to the home branch.

{The system generated Temporary Username (SGTU) and Temporary Password

(TP) should be memorized by the customer for subsequent use.}

  • If Registered: Message will be displayed “You seem to be already registered for Internet Banking, Please contact your branch”.

Print the application form for registration, sign it and submit it to the Home Branch.

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