Personal Segment Advances

Personal Segment Advances

Option to Existing Borrowers (With Base Rate/BPLR) to switchover to current Interest Rate on payment of switchover fee.

Housing Loans*:

Loan Outstanding upto Rs.30lacs (DP in case of Maxgain):

Rs. 10,000/- +Service Tax, irrespective of the outstanding

Loan outstanding above Rs. 30lacs(DP in case of Maxgain):

0.30% of loan outstanding + applicable service tax (DP in case of Maxgain), subject to a minimum of Rs. 12,000/- + taxes and maximum of Rs. 25,000/- + taxes.

Car Loans & other Loans*:

0.50% + service tax on the outstanding subject to a minimum of Rs. 2000 + Service Tax.

The switchover facility will not be made available to existing borrowers who have availed under MCLR regime.

*Applicable to Regular accounts only.

(For further details contact your nearest branch)

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