SBH e-invest (ASBA)

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SBH e-invest (ASBA)

Public Issues

State Bank of Hyderabad is one of the pioneers in offering SEBI designed tech based product "Application Supported by Blocked Amount" (ASBA), as a supplementary process for applying to Public Issues (IPOs/FPOs/Rights Issue/NFOs). It is referred as "SBH e-Invest (ASBA)". A customer of any branch of our Bank can avail ASBA facility either through physical or internet mode.

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We offer ASBA under two modes to our Investor-customers:

  1. Physical mode: A customer of any branch of our Bank can apply to IPO/FPO/Rights/NFO by using Physical ASBA application. The Customer can submit his physical application at any of our Branches.
    1. To download ASBA physical application form (link to be provided to
  2. Electronic mode: A customer having Internet Banking account with transaction rights, can apply to IPO/FPO by accessing our Internet Banking site (e-Services). ASBA facility is not available on any type of overdraft or loan accounts. Process flow for applying through Internet Banking account:
    1. log on to our Bank site (
    2. Select Personal Banking
    3. Key-in your User Name and Password
    4. Select the option e-Services/IPO and navigate

Precautions to ASBA Investors:

An investing customer while submitting application under ASBA, should take utmost care to provide the correct details of
  1. PAN Number
  2. Demat Account
  3. Bank Account
In case of any wrong reporting, the application will be summarily rejected.


An Investor-customer having
  1. Savings Bank or Current Account with SBH
  2. Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  3. Demat account with any broking firm
  4. Sufficient clear balance in his Saving Bank (including MODS linked) or Current account for application money.


  1. An alternative mode for applying IPO/FPO/Rights Issue
  2. Application amount is blocked in investors account and proportionate amount to the shares allotted is debited
  3. Earn interest till allotment of shares as money stays in your account
  4. No need of enclosing cheque/draft with the application for applying to Public Issues.
  5. Lien marked only to the extent of the bid amount
  6. No physical refund involved, no hassle of lost / delayed refunds
  7. One can avail ASBA facility by using Physical application or Internet (INB) mode.

Designated Branches

Controlling Branch
1 Gunfoundry, Hyderabad Officer in charge, Demat Section 040-23387378 040-23387593

As per the SEBI guidelines, all the branches are designated to accept ASBA applications from the eligible investors.
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